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Basic website - handcrafted hosting

    The internet can be a confusing place, especially when it comes to creating websites.. we’re here to help take away the confusion. Since 2011, we’ve been helping handcrafters (just like yourself) create their websites. Regardless of your ability, or what you think your ability is, we can help you – you just need to let us know if you are unsure of something or need further explanation. Every question is valid so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask us.

    With this package, you will be able you to build the website your business requires and deserves. Perfect if you wish to advertise your crafts and allow your customer base to get to know who you are, inspiring trust and confidence in you and your business hopefully leading to sales.
    Whilst we don’t recommend it, as you potentially pass the sale to someone else, you can also advertise your shop elsewhere on the internet – such as Etsy, eBay, etc.

    How our packages differ from standard hosting packages?

    Most standard web hosting packages, like those we offer through Rosier Internet, don’t include the support to actually build a website – they just cover hosting support, such as helping you set up email accounts and ensuring the server is properly configured.

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