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Mom birthday wishes: special birthday messages for mothers

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    Great mom birthday wishes can make any mother's eyes well up with tears of joy or put a great, big smile on her face. Either way, you've done right by your mother.

    For me, there are few things in life that give me as much joy as seeing my Mom's face light up from something I've written for her.

    I think you'll enjoy watching your Mom beam with joy after reading your birthday greeting for her, so choose your birthday verse for her carefully.

    On this page, you'll find birthday messages for mothers that will make your Mom feel as special as she should. What a wonderful gift to give your mother on the most special day of the year for her.

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    How to select mom birthday wishes...

    Moms are super special. A mother is a wonderful combination of warmth, kindness, laughter and love. This should be rewarded with a special birthday message that makes your Mom feel as special as she makes you feel.

    So figuring out what message to choose is easy. Make it as heartfelt as possible. But "heartfelt" does not only mean that you have to select a tearjerker. What should you choose? To me... Read more &#9658

    The birthday verse that you end up choosing should be a mix of different elements.

    Should your birthday greeting be sentimental? Definitely. Philosophical? Yes, if this approach makes your Mom feel special. Inspirational? Sure, if you can move your mother with these words. Funny? It depends on the birthday girl. Most of the time, it's better to stick with a serious birthday message.

    If you have a poor or non-existent relationship with your mother, but you still want to honor her birthday with a nice message, my advice is to opt for a generic birthday greeting. By generic I mean an average "happy" birthday wish for moms. This is usually a safe bet and it won't be like pulling teeth. It will just make your mother feel special, requiring very little investment from you.

    Whatever you do, your goal is always the same: make your Mom feel special. The bottom line is that you should pick a heartfelt message that speaks from your heart — otherwise, it will come off as insincere. Start with an option below that says everything you want to express...and go from there. You can always add your own touch to the mom birthday wishes you choose. Nothing is engraved in stone here.
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    Mom Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for Mothers

    Happy birthday to the most unforgettably incredible Mom!

    Mom, I wish you a birthday to remember forever, full of joy, wonder and, most of all, love!

    Happy birthday! May you always have plenty of happiness, health, love and everything else your big heart desires.

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    Mom, you make everyone's world a beautiful place to be, just with your smile. Happy birthday!

    Mom, your love and laughter fills my heart with a million moments of joy. You're the world's best Mom. Happy birthday.

    Mom, we're here today just only for you, just to make your birthday as special and unforgettable as you are. Happy birthday!

    Mom Birthday Wishes: Special Birthday Messages for Mothers

    For every year of my life, you've easily won the “Best Mother of the Year” Award. No one comes even within a mile of your winning ways. Wishing you a birthday as great as you are, Mom.

    Even when I don’t see you, the thought of you makes me feel loved. Often, I catch myself doing something right and realize that it was you who taught me to do it. I owe so much to you, Mom! Happy birthday!

    Thank you for never, ever giving up on me, when everybody else thought I was bad news. You had faith in me. You loved me. Now I’m a better and happier person. You’re my champion, Mom! Happy birthday!

    Birthday Messages for MomsMy Mom. Still smiling. Still flying like an eagle. My inspiration for every Mom Birthday Wish in this section and my muse for everything that matters in my life.
    May the force always be with you.

    I'm older but I need you more than ever. When the world gives me a cold shoulder, there’s nothing like one of your warm hugs to make everything alright again. Wishing you a birthday as heartwarming as you.

    Nobody, including me, ever tells you how amazing you are as a mother. Well, Mom, I’m luckier than the luckiest lottery winner to have you as my mother. Happy birthday!

    I have success because you’re my Mom. I have happiness because you’re my Mom. I have love because you’re my Mom. I’m so glad I have you as my mother. Happy birthday!

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    The message below has all the elements of the greatest mom birthday wishes.
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    When you choose mom birthday wishes, a major consideration is how special they will make your mother feel. If you can make your mother see how much you care about her, she will feel that all the love she's poured into you and your life was not in vain. This message is one of those mom birthday wishes that says it all in an ironic way. By acknowledging that your mother is a great person (not just a mother) makes her a better mother.
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    When I say that there’s no other Mom like you, I don't just mean that you're a kind, loving mother. I mean that you're a kind, loving, intelligent, gentle, inspiring, generous, sweet, real and rare friend (plus you’re my mother). Happy birthday, Mom!

    Mom Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for Mothers

    What do Moms want to hear?
    Here are the Top 10 things...

    The best place to look for what Moms want to hear on their birthday is a Mother's Day that's what I did. What I found was a piece on the 10 things Moms want to hear. Take a look at the list — it may just help you pick a mom birthday wish. Want to read it? You'll find the article right here. 

    Because you invested all your time, energy and tender, loving care in me, I have a wealth of friendships, family, happiness, honor, respect and love. I’m so grateful that you’re my mother. Happy birthday, Mom!

    No star has ever sparkled like you. No angel has ever earned her wings like you. No diamond is as rare as you. There’s no mother like you. Happy birthday, Mom! 

    God works in mysterious ways but I know why He chose you to be my mother. Whatever I am today and whatever I will be tomorrow is because of your love, Mom. Happy birthday to the world’s best mother!

    Top of Mom Birthday Wishes

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    Besides, below are more mom birthday wishes 

    Happy birthday to the greatest friend I will ever have, the most amazing woman I know and an even more awesome mother. I feel blessed to have you as my Mom. 

    Mom, thanks for everything. You gave me life and you've made my life full of hope, happiness and love...just by loving me! May you always have a happy birthday, today and every year! 

    Behind every great man or woman is a mother who has their back when everybody else is busy stabbing it. That mother is you. Happy birthday, Mom!

    Words are not enough to express the gratitude that you deserve for all that you have done for us throughout the years. So we’ll try: We love you. Happy birthday, Mom!

    Despite my selfishness and stupidity, you've always given me your love, no strings attached. You're not crazy, so you must be the world’s best Mom. Yes, that fits. Happy birthday, Mom!

    You are more than just a mother to me — you are my teacher, my strength, my guidance and my best friend. Thank you for giving me every part of yourself. Happy birthday, Mom! 

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