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    Businesses have 3 options when it comes to email services:

    Option 1: In-house (on-premise) email: Internal servers handle and process email; employees connect to these systems and they are maintained by IT staff (either local or remote).

    Option 2: Hosted (off-premise) email: Email operates on external servers owned by a third party, which is responsible for providing support, maintenance, and in some cases overall management (such as managed service providers or MSPs). There are free and paid options available.

    Option 3: Hybrid email: This involves a combination of in-house and hosted options, with some functions residing inside the company and others operating off-site in the cloud.

    With HostPapa, you get hosted email at a very affordable cost. This gives you the capacity to send and receive emails under your own company name, and provides flexibility to get the set of features that your business needs.

    Two of the most beneficial features are as follows:

    No hardware or software to buy: With HostPapa’s email solutions, there’s no costly hardware to purchase and maintain. Simply set up your accounts, and forget it. We take care of all maintenance and system upgrades, so you can focus on your business!

    Supported by our experts: If you ever have questions or concerns, our specially-trained Papa Squad is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our goal is to ensure that your email communication always runs smoothly.

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