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    About InMotion Hosting’s VPS hosting

    InMotion Hosting offers premium VPS Hosting that provides its customers with one of the most robust feature sets in the industry. Their managed VPS servers are built on a cloud infrastructure for redundancy and uptime and use solid-state drives for improved content delivery times. In addition to generous RAM, storage, bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses, InMotion Hosting also includes a free cPanel and WHM license, free backups and live-state container snapshots, unlimited websites and email addresses and a 90-day money back guarantee. Another benefit of their service is that all purchases include "Launch Assist," which includes 2 hours with a system administrator for things like website transfers/migrations, server customization or optimization and more. All InMotion Hosting VPS Servers are Linux-based and come provisioned with CentOS and LAMP stack by default and come with a number of security options and features. Their plans can handle anything from a growing site experiencing performance issues on Shared Hosting to a robust agency hosting many clients using multiple cPanel accounts, all at an affordable, set price.

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