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    What is eCommerce Web Hosting?

    eCommerce web hosting is increasingly needed as more and more individuals and companies plan to sell products online. However, be different from general web hosting packages, eCommerce solution has its unique features and tools to serve for the transaction process.

    eCommerce web hosting is a kind of website hosting service that offers eCommerce functionality to serve electronic commerce websites. In addition to the web space, bandwidth, email server, and other standard web hosting features, it also includes some exclusive eCommerce features, such as:

    1. Shopping Cart – It offers customizable page layout, automatic calculation of tax and shipping charges, save features and a progress indicator, so customers can see how many items are dropped into their carts.
    2. Payment Processing – It achieves the process of paying money from the client accounts to the merchant accounts. It’s great to support as many payment options as possible, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other payments.
    3. Catalogs – It records the managing process on your sites, such as adding products, selling products and others.
    4. Completing Orders – It offers the ability to view new orders online or by email or fax, automatic status emails to customers, printing of invoices and shipping labels and integration with other software such as inventory and accounting.
    5. Track Stats – It keeps track of how many customers visited each of your website pages as well as other stats that will help you better manage your site.

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    How to Choose an eCommerce Web Hosting?

    Finding a good service for eCommerce is vital in order to register any form of success in the online business. However, it’s not easy to make a choice as there are plenty of web hosting services available.

    In order to choose a quality and effective hosting package for eCommerce websites, you need to keep the eCommerce features in mind and follow the below guidelines.

    Reliable Performance and Fast Loading Speed
    The eCommerce website should be very fast to load and respond when customers are buying your site. No one wants to wait. Only with fast speed, customers can quickly find the information they need and smoothly complete the transaction. As well, it also helps you develop customer satisfaction and win repeat customers.

    Secure Shopping Cart
    This feature is the most significant part of eCommerce web hosting as it is where the customers collect their products for further processing.

    There are many shopping cart software available, such as PrestaShop, Open cart, Oscommerce, Zen cart, and more. Before making a choice, you are necessary to choose the one that is secure and powerful.

    Payment Processor
    All consumer transactions in an online shopping website take place via a payment gateway. In this case, you need to supply a secure and safe way to collect sensitive credit card information from your customer.

    The greatest issue during the payment process is the safety and security. In general, the credit card is the most convenient payment while the PayPal is the most security payment. When making the choice, you need to make sure the eCommerce hosting provider offer you the standard payment processor for your online business.

    Valuable SSL Certificates
    SSL certificateSSL, also called SSL Server Certificate, is a safe and secure digital certificate that helps secure encryption of sensitive data on the web host server. Additionally, it protects and secures transactions to help you process credit card payments safely.

    Data Backup
    The online business website should be backed up regularly in case there are some occasional data loss. However, instead of doing backup manually, you can choose a reliable solution with daily backup.

    A High Level of Website Security
    If you set up an online store to sell some items and services, the site needs to be secure enough to give people a sense of worry-free and risk-free when submitting their financial accounts and login credentials. In this case, the web host needs to guarantee the secure environment for some remote executions and data delivery, so as to prevent the information leaking in an effective manner.

    To achieve this, SSH and SSL can be the must-have features included into the hosting plans. The former one focuses authentication and the latter one pays attention to data encryption.

    24x7 Technical Support
    Since the internet business is running 24 hours non-stop, you need to have 24/7 technical support to take care all of the technical problems which may take place in the operation of your internet business. Other things to look for include a toll-free customer support number and email or live assistance.

    The Cost
    The cost is a primary factor to choose a web hosting package. You should consider your budget and compare web hosts based on similar packages or plans. In addition, be sure to include the costs of support as well as all the features and space that you need on your site. It's usually more cost -effective to choose slightly more space than you think you need rather than to upgrade later on.

    Never Overselling
    In fact, the overselling practice is common among many web hosts to generate more benefits. However, for the quality e-commerce hosting provider, this is forbidden. After all, too many websites hosted on a single web server greatly increases your chances to be negatively affected by some abusive webmasters, resulting in the frequent downtime, slow speed and security issues.

    Best eCommerce Web Hosting Recommendations

    In the evaluation of web hosting for eCommerce, it's a great idea to refer to the above guidelines and decide from your requirement. If you still have no idea, just go with the best eCommerce hosting listed above.

    All these web hosts are reviewed and compared by our editors, in terms of the eCommerce features and hosting performance. Besides, they are also awarded as the best cheap web hosting choices.

    Best eCommerce Software - updated on Jan 18th, 2016

    The following is a comparison of the market share of notable eCommerce software packages available. Some such eCommerce software is extensible through third-party software components and applications. As such, the features listed below may not encompass all possible features for a given software package. The software listed here is but a fraction of all such packages on the market.
    • WooCommerce - 24.04%
    • Squarespace - 11.72%
    • OpenCart - 6.98%
    • Magento - 6.98%
    • Prestashop - 5.23%
    • Shopify - 5.03%
    • ZenCart - 4.79%
    • Bigcommerce - 2.42%
    • OsCommerce - 2.35%
    • Other - 19.57%

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