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    I'm currently trying to decide whether to use an Unreal dedicated server or if I could write a custom one and use a p2p listen server for the rest.

    What I'm trying to do: players should be auto matched into sessions (kinda like in Journey) if they are in similar parts of the world. The limit is 2 players in one session (possibly more some day, but for now the limit is 2). So if two players start a game, they register to the server and keep it updated on where they are in the world. The server then checks if any 2 players are in the same area and if so, they are matched in a session.

    Now, the basic server logic is relatively simple, I think. I wouldn't need a very powerful server, because everything it has to do is catch events every now and then, write all playing players with their current area in a database and every few minutes check if there are 2 players in the same area that aren't matched yet and put them together. Then it would just send a "Create Session" event to one of them and a "Join Session" event to the other one.

    Would that be possible and easier than just use an Unreal dedicated server that keeps track of everything anyway? What specs in a server would I need for the dedicated server solution? I'm guessing that Unreal comes at a cost and would use much more performance than the simple server that I described. Would a p2p solution have impossible performance? The game itself is similar to Journey, too, so not much events and no shooting each other and anything, but basically just walking around and activating triggers.


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