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    VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting are the two main forms of dedicated web hosting offered by a large majority of web hosting providers and offer users their own dedicated hosting environment for a cost. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and a VPS offers you your own dedicated hosting environment within the context of a virtual hosting environment since a one VPS server is sharing a physical hosting node with many other VPS servers of a similar specification.

    Although a VPS hosting comes with its own guaranteed resources, the CPU of the hardware node has to be shared between all of the VPS servers hosted on that node. A dedicated server on the other hand not only offers you your own dedicated hosting environment but does so within the context of a physical server meaning that there is no need for you to share hardware resources with anyone else; however, a dedicated server does come at a price and if you do purchase a dedicated server then it is likely to be the most expensive form of web hosting that you have ever purchased. Although VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting may seem worlds apart when you consider the vast differences between the two, they are both similar in their goals and what they are able to offer consumers in general.

    The price of a VPS server can vary depending on the specification of the VPS server that you purchase as well as the platform that you decide to have it hosted on; similarly the price of dedicated servers can also vary depending on specification, although in both cases many web hosting providers will be able to offer a wide range of either which will vary greatly in price. You should only purchase a VPS server or a dedicated server if you are sure that you will be able to cope with the management of the server, and if you have managed a server before then it is important for you to choose the operating system that you have used before to make things easier for yourself; however, if management is going to be a problem then managed VPS server hosting services and managed dedicated server hosting services are available. You are normally offered the choice of which operating system you have installed on your server so that you can be sure that your chosen VPS server or dedicated server will be able to meet your requirements properly; a Windows VPS server is going to be the best option for most who are considering Windows hosting although Windows dedicated servers are available, but the most popular dedicated hosting solutions tend to be Linux VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers.

    What can a VPS server offer me over a dedicated server?

    A VPS server will generally be able to offer you more if you have a low budget and can’t justify the need for a dedicated server, and when you consider the resources that your average VPS server can offer you these days there is no reason why VPS server hosting should suffice for your requirements. A VPS server can be seen as a low cost alternative to a dedicated server in some situations although this will be dependent on the resources that you require from your server as well as the levels of reliability and security which you want to be able to achieve with your server hosting service; if you have demanding hosting requirements then a VPS server may well be a good alternative to a dedicated server, especially if you choose to go for a hybrid VPS server which can offer you resource assignments which are at the same level as those offered by a small to medium specification dedicated server. A VPS server can also be managed in a few more ways than a dedicated server which means that if you’ve never managed a server before but have the need for a dedicated web hosting service then you may wish to consider a basic VPS server to begin with so that you’re able to able to get to grips with server management; most VPS servers can be managed through a web interface although this is dependent on the VPS platform used by your web hosting provider, and as is the case with dedicated server hosting a Linux VPS server can be accessed and managed via SSH in the same way that a Windows VPS server can be accessed via Remote Desktop. You can also reload a VPS server if you find that you have changed something which has caused your VPS server to become dysfunctional, and if you are managing a server for the first time then it is highly likely that this will happen and you will need to reload your VPS server; depending on the VPS hosting platform used by your web hosting provider you should be able to reload any Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server – if you were to do this with a dedicated server then you’d need to pay to have it done manually by someone on-site. In summary, a VPS server can offer you the following over a dedicated server:

    • Cost – for most the cost of a VPS server is the main attraction over a dedicated server since you are offered a range of similar features for a much smaller price, and it doesn’t make sense to pay more for something that you’re not really going to be able to make the most of – most website hosting providers offer a wide range of VPS servers which differ greatly in price and specification which means that it shouldn’t be hard for you to find something which is able to suit your requirements properly at the right price – the main reason for VPS servers being so cheap is because there are normally many VPS servers hosted on a single high specification physical hardware node which means that web hosting providers can offer VPS servers cheaply but still make a profit, however you will find that hybrid VPS servers that are of a specification similar to that of a low end dedicated server can be fairly expensive
    • Management – some people find VPS servers easier to manage than dedicated servers and if you are going to be using a dedicated server for the first time then it is recommended that you gain some experience beforehand by purchasing a VPS server to manage – most VPS server hosting providers use the Virtuozzo platform in order to allow them to offer their Linux VPS server hosting services and Windows VPS server hosting services, and Virtuozzo is able to offer you as the end user a web-based control panel that you can access from anywhere to manage your VPS server effectively – from the Parallels Power Panel you will be able to control the state of your VPS server which means that you can start, stop and restart your virtual machine and terminate any processes which may be hanging and hogging server resources
    • Server reloads/OS reinstalls – at some point in time the likelihood is that you are going to make a configuration change or install an application that interferes with the performance of your server which ultimately means that you are going to need to reinstall the operating system on the server – with a VPS server you can normally reload your VPS server with a fresh installation of your chosen OS in a few minutes for free using the web based control panel that you are provided with access to meaning that it couldn’t be easier, if you were to reinstall the OS on a dedicated server then you would need to pay to have someone in the data centre where your server is located to do it for you since they need to physically insert the OS CD into your dedicated server.

    A VPS server has many features to offer you over a dedicated server and for most people a VPS server is offered with resources that are much more in line with what they require, whereas with a dedicated server they’d be paying a lot for resources that they’re never going to be able to make the most of.

    What can a dedicated server offer me over a VPS server?

    A dedicated server is going to be best suited to someone who has a large budget for web hosting services and is going to be able to make the most of a dedicated server, and it is for these reasons that dedicated servers are generally only used by businesses. To begin with a dedicated server can offer you the advantage of having your own physical hosting server, whereas with a VPS server you are still utilizing a virtual hosting environment to an extent which isn’t always beneficial for some although it can help you to save money; if you have your own physical server then you don’t have to worry about sharing any of your resources with anyone else unless you explicitly want to, and a dedicated server is the only form of web hosting that will allow you to make full use of the processor that you have available to use.

    A dedicated server can also be purchased with resource assignments that no other form of web hosting will ever be able to meet, simply because you are paying for physical hardware meaning that there aren’t really any limits on how much of certain resources that you can have; however, you still need to take note of the fact that bandwidth is going to be the only virtual resource which you are going to be making use of but most web hosting providers can offer you the choice of your own dedicated bandwidth pipe. Finally, a dedicated server is always going to be more reliable than a VPS server regardless of the specifications of either because of how you aren’t sharing your resources with anyone else – this means that you have every resource available to yourself and will only need to worry about your own resource usage; with a VPS server you need to keep an eye on the load on the hosting node since it only takes one rogue VPS server to overload the CPU and crash the entire hosting node. In summary, a dedicated server can offer you the following over a VPS server:

    • Physical server – by having your own physical hosting server you can be sure that you aren’t sharing a single hardware resource with anyone else which can offer you its own advantages in itself, but it is because of the fact that you have your own server that you are paying such a high price for a dedicated server – this factor increases the price of dedicated server hosting since web hosting providers need to factor other costs into the overall price of a dedicated server such as the cost of the rack space that your server is going to be physically using up in the data centre as well as the amount of power and bandwidth which your server is going to be eating up day in day out – a physical server is a better solution than a VPS server since it allows for greater resource assignments, and this helps to make dedicated server hosting services much more appealing to larger businesses who have demanding web hosting requirements
    • Resource assignments and hardware resources – more or less every hardware aspect of a dedicated server can be customized to suit your requirements which means that you can either choose a server which is going to be future proof for your requirements or upgrade it gradually in the future as your needs change – most web hosting providers will allow you to increase the amount of memory and the size of your server’s hard drive over time although you can only normally choose the processor which you want during the initial order process which means that it is a good idea to over-estimate your requirements processor wise and choose one which is actually going to be more powerful than what you require for the time being
    • Reliability – a dedicated server is going to be able to offer you a higher level of reliability over any VPS server simply because you aren’t going to be sharing your hardware or resources with anyone else meaning that you are the only one who could be prone to crashing the server due to overloading – in a VPS hosting environment all of the virtual machines are sharing the hardware node’s CPU and it only takes one VPS server to overload the CPU which will ultimately crash the entire node thus taking down all the VPS servers that the hosting node is running – however, the fact that you can easily choose a high end dedicated server can also count towards the higher levels of reliability that most dedicated servers can offer.

    A dedicated server may seem like a worthwhile investment if you are a business, and if indeed you have hosting requirements that are fairly strict and dictate that you need a dedicated hosting environment and large resource assignments then you may wish to have dedicated server hosting near the top of your list of web hosting services to consider.

    In conclusion, VPS servers and dedicated servers are very similar in the way that both offer consumers a very useful dedicated hosting environment. However, that is where the similarities end since one is a form of virtual hosting whilst the other is the only form of physical hosting available which means that these two forms of web hosting operate at very different price points and are often targeted at different markets. As an individual you will probably find VPS server hosting to be more suiting for your requirements, but as a business you hybrid VPS server hosting or dedicated server hosting are the two forms of dedicated web hosting that you should be considering.

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