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Myownfreehost | run your own free hosting company !

    Unlimtited Hosting Reseller

    We are providing a whole free unlimited package ! Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases space, hosting features ! So there is absolutely no limit to your client quantity !

    Never worry about running out of space or limits, our network of over 100 servers will provide a powerful, super fast home for your clients websites no matter how succesful your reseller is !

    White Label Solution

    The whole system will be under your own brand, company name and domain name, you can even use your own name server ! You can also customize the users control panel, change the logos, the images and everything !

    A fully professional working template is pre-installed into your reseller website to help you get started, which you may also change or update to a different template at any time.

    Make Lots Of Money

    Our unique feature provided by MyOwnFreeHost allows you to add your own ad-code such as Google Adsense into every one of your clients web-pages.

    Once you have inserted your ad-code into the reseller panel, the code is automatically appended to each page of your clients sites. This can be a huge money making opportunity.

    Free Support System

    A free white labeled / branded support system is provided to every client and reseller, to allow your clients to contact you directly with any questions they may have, if you get a support question you can not handle, do not worry ! There is a transparent ticket esculation system that allows you to raise / esculate a support ticket to our main tech support staff who resolve the ticket / issue for you.

    Earn Commions On Sales !

    Every reseller earns 5% of all paid hosting sales that originate from your hosting control panel. These earnings are recurring for the life-time of the account, so the more clients that upgrade to paid hosting the more your earning grow and incrementally build up over time.

    Latest new features !

    The following new features are now available as of 21st Dec 2017:

    • • New cPanel x3 theme with default theme choice selector.
    • • 70 free search engine optimizations tools.
    • • Free search engine submission to over 100 search engines.

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