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    Published 11 August 2017 Updated 6 days ago

    As the title says, they used to be a great company. Sadly they have gone down hill.

    Asked them to resolved my billing date, this took a year for them to actually do, have now just asked for support with WHMCS after it has gone down, they sent me a copied and pasted reply, floggin me off to WHMCS (whome I am not a customer of)

    Have been promised a phone call twice, and nothing as of yet.

    There are many companies out there, most do admittedly charge more for their reseller packages, but I'm starting to see that it's worth paying more now!

    The following is an extract from their website, and clearly no true!

    "You're not just purchasing a product - you'll receive the very best service we can provide, matured through our many years of experience. Our staff don't rely on boilerplate cut-and-paste support responses - every customer receives personal help with their problems - and our engineers are only a phone call away."

    Where was my personal help with my billing? where was it when WHMCS went down? And more importantly, where does it say on your website, if you purchase WHMCS you will not be eligible for said support!

    *Edit - They asked me on Facebook if the issue was resolved, I explained only partially as many features was still broken, they ignored that. Now come on here to see they claimed to have fixed it within 2 hours, was actually 3 and a half hours as also made 3 phone calls, and in the end had to figure out the remaining fixes myself.

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